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Why People Love Unagi Kabayaki?
Jul 26,2023 / in News / 2023 Chengdu Sealight Food Co., Ltd.

Kabayaki eel, Unadon, eel sushi... It can be said that eel is the favorite delicacy of Japanese people. But what exactly does the term "kabayaki" refer to? But few people know.

Kabayaki eel is highly regarded among eel dishes. The origin of the term "Kabayaki" was mentioned in the custom records of the Edo period: Japanese people did not eat eel from the belly in the early days, but cut the whole eel into long sections, and then skewered it with bamboo sticks Grilled together on a charcoal fire, the grilled eels on the grill look very similar to cattails, so the grilled eel has the prefix of "Kamayaki".

A good Kabayaki eel, the eel is soft and delicate, the bright red sauce is rich and rich in layers, the charred outer skin is soaked in the sauce, and the dense fish meat inside is in sharp contrast. When you bite down, you seem to appreciate a taste A chorus of ups and downs.

In Japan, Kabayaki eel is mainly divided into two factions: Kanto and Kansai.

The biggest difference between the two is that in the process of making Kabayaki eel, Kanto-style eel has more steps of steaming than Kansai.

Secondly, there is a slight difference between the two in the step of planing the fish. Kanto is used to planing from the back of the fish, while Kansai uses the knife from the belly of the eel.

The reason for this is that the terrain in Kanto and Kansai is different. The terrain in Kanto is flat and there are many rivers. It is easier to accumulate fishy smell in the body of the eel. Cutting the body of the fish from the back makes it easier to steam and roast the fat on the belly of the fish and remove more fishy smell.

Kanto-style craftsmen will steam the eel in a steamer after this step. This step can make the eel meat softer and juicier, and can further remove the residual fatty smell in the fish.

Kansai-style craftsmen will directly skip this step, and repeatedly brush the sauce on the grilled eel and continue grilling until the surface of the eel skin is slightly charred and the sauce penetrates into the fish.

There is also a kind of grilled eel without sauce, which is called "Shiraiyaki". In this way, the eel can show its original flavor to the fullest, and it is also a moment for cooks to show their superb skills. With excellent requirements, it is rarely seen on the menu of ordinary shops.

Although the Japanese have a long history of eating unagi, unadon, which has become popular all over the world when paired with white rice, began in the Edo period in the 19th century.

Nowadays, eel rice has almost become a meal that every household in Japan will eat at the turn of summer and autumn. The fragrance of eel rice even travels across the ocean, and a large number of fans of Japanese food who smell the "scent" and dance in China have also been harvested.

Ocean Fresh Family Japanese-style Kabayaki eel, tender and plump fish meat, served with rich sauce, tender and delicious, melts in the mouth, fat and thin just right; take a bite, chew quietly, savor slowly, that kind of satisfaction The feeling is memorable.

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