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How To Enjoy The Caviar?
Jul 26,2023 / in News / 2023 Chengdu Sealight Food Co., Ltd.

Caviar in the traditional sense refers to the salted sturgeon roe. Its value is equal to that of truffles in the plant kingdom. It is expensive and has been a "luxury" on Western tables for a long time. High-quality caviar has larger particles, round and full appearance, black with gray or brown color, and tastes salty and fresh when it breaks in the mouth. It is known as "black gold" because of its rare output and jet-black luster. 

But how should we enjoy this delicacy? Today we are here to introduce several classic eating methods. First of all, the choice of tableware is very important. Eating caviar is delicious, and it is best to use a small spoon made of shells, ivory, or wood.

Romantic French way

Caviar is a low-salt food. The best way to taste caviar is to put the caviar in the mouth of the hand and wait for 5-10 seconds to warm up for a while; then put the caviar under the light to observe its plumpness and Glossiness, good caviar particles are round and full, transparent and clear in color; then take a sip, this feeling is like the kiss of first love, which is heart-pounding; then directly send it to the mouth, first gently send it to the palate with the tip of the tongue, and then break it with a little force, then you will feel a slow bursting sensation, and then the delicious juice in the caviar will slowly overflow in your mouth, sexy and charming, pleasant and fragrant, and finally savor the various flavors it emits The leisurely flavor and the indescribable feeling can only be experienced in person.

Classic Russian Way 

Caviar was very popular in Tsarist Russia. Russian pancakes are used as a base, with egg yolks, egg whites, shallots, onions, and sour cream. Take a look at this retro and classic Russian traditional collocation.

Iconic Japanese Way

Caviar is paired with sushi, and some seafood ingredients are added to restore the Japanese classics.

While diners all over the world are still keen to eat caviar in the traditional way, Chinese chefs are actively looking for the possibility of matching caviar with Chinese food. Isn’t the Chinese food dish with unique flavor of caviar very attractive? Best paired with a glass of champagne, Chinese food can also have such a luxurious experience.

A Combination Of Chinese And Western

The combination of Chinese and Western and innovative Chinese eating methods, caviar and roast duck, form a classic "caviar skin duck", the combination of precious caviar and Chinese cooking representative roast duck creates a new combination. The caviar is delicious, refreshing, rich and charming. The skin of the roasted duck breast is golden and crisp. The tip of the tongue tastes.

Caviar VS Champagne, A Match Made In Heaven

Caviar is paired with champagne. Try a spoonful of caviar and sip champagne lightly. The acidity of champagne is just enough to stimulate the aroma of caviar. Close your eyes and savor the richness and richness of caviar at different stages and levels from the front, middle and aftertaste. The delicate and subtle changes are like going through a wonderful journey on the tip of the tongue. After the tip of the tongue, use the throat to perceive the flavor of caviar, hold your breath later, and push the breath in the mouth back to the nasal cavity, so that the delicious caviar can form a three-dimensional resonance between the tip of the tongue, throat and nasal cavity. After the romantic ceremony, you can deeply appreciate the joy, elegance and noble enjoyment brought by the delicacy of caviar!

Regarding the matter of eating caviar, I think every food lover has his own favorite way of eating, whether it is a romantic French way, a classic Russian way, a pure Western way, or It is a unique combination of Chinese and Western food, no one is the best, as long as you like it is the best!

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