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Frozen Raw Eel Slices
Frozen Raw Eel Slices

Select qualified fresh eels from our own breeding base, quick freezing after

slaughter and clean to ensure the freshness, strict inspection and screening, only

to provide customers the healthy, safe and pure-tasting eels.

The freshness and nutrition of the eels are preserved to the greatest extent in a

short period of time by means of quick freezing, and customers can choose their

own cooking methods according to their preferences, and enjoy a variety of


Product Details

Eel Processing Procedures

The fresh and live eels produced in our own breeding base will be further processed through our processing plant in Chengdu. We can process Kabayaki eels, raw eels, and other cooked eels according to customer needs.

Taking Kabayaki eel as an example, the processing process is mainly divided into live eel material acceptance, washing, cracking, roasting, freezing, and packaging.

In the first step, all live eel raw materials must pass the first biochemical index test in our laboratory before processing (the detection range covers more than 100 indicators such as heavy metals, drug residues, microorganisms, etc.), to ensure that the raw materials are healthy, safe and in compliance with international standard.


In the second step, after passing the test, we further screened the eels and washing them in the pond for 24 hours to metabolize their excrement and remove odors.

In the third step, we will freeze the live eels, slaughter and clean them.

In the fourth step, the cleaned eels will be arranged on the production line, and then skin roasting (time 3 minutes 40 seconds, product center temperature ≥ 70 ℃) and meat roasting (time 3 minutes 47 seconds, product center temperature ≥ 80 ℃) .

After that, it enters the steaming program (steamer temperature gauge 1/2/3≥95 ℃, machine frequency <36Hz), and then performs four times of Kabayaki treatment (time 4 minutes 05 seconds, product center temperature ≥75 ℃).



The fifth step is to enter the double-helix IQF ultra-quick freezing program (the product center temperature is -18 ℃). The frozen eels will be graded and subjected to a second biochemical index test.

In the sixth step, the products that have passed the test will be screened for specifications and inner packaging, and then undergo the third biochemical index test. After that, all qualified products will be packaged according to customer requirements and stored in cold chain. 


We will always adhere to the concept of natural, organic and sustainable, and are committed to providing customers with healthy and safe eel products.

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