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Siberian Sturgeon Caviar
Siberian Sturgeon Caviar

Selected roes from the high quality sturgeons over 8 years old to make sure the

high standard raw caviar materials. Roe size is not less than 2.8 mm, the color

appears in brown, gray and black, etc. The taste is pure and the aftertaste is

light and refreshing.

To ensure freshness, the sturgeon roe will go through 6 steps and 24 process

within 15 minutes, and only use imported pure salt for seasoning the processed

caviar will be subpackaged and refrigerated according to requirements.  

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Sturgeon Caviar Processing Procedures

The high-quality sturgeon raised in selected bases are processed after a long period of winterization to meet the quality requirements of the world's top caviar.
The production of caviar is divided into 6 major steps and 24 processes, including egg separation, egg rubbing, cleaning, screening, drying, and salting, and must be 

completed within 15 minutes. During the production process, only an appropriate amount of imported pure salt is added as seasoning, and there is no preservative, which completely guarantees the highest ecological level of caviar.  


Caviar is rich in nutrients such as protein, vitamins, lymphocytes and vitamin B3 acid. It has very significant health effects and is a good choice for enhancing your own immunity. Moreover, its fat content is very low, which is truly high in energy and low in calories. ;In addition, caviar is rich in trace elements, mineral salts, amino acids and recombinant essential fatty acids, which can effectively moisturize and nourish the skin, and also keep the skin delicate and smooth.

The status of caviar as a top delicacy is unshakable. After years of precipitation and technological innovation, Sealight are committed to creating international high-end quality caviar, giving gourmets the ultimate romantic enjoyment with delicacies.

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